Captain Ken (USCG Licensed, 1st aid and CPR certified, with an ASSISTED TOWING endorsement) has fished his whole life. Captain Ken is also a Civil Engineering Graduate of MTU. He has fished extensively on all the great lakes from Lake Michigan to Lake Superior. On Lake Michigan Starting from Michigan City to Traverse City and every port in between. On Lake superior from L’Anse to Isle Royale, On Lake Erie from Port Clinton to the Detroit River. He has landed in Saginaw Bay at the Port of AuGres. Taking his extensive experience he now is concentrating on the Walleye and Perch of Saginaw Bay.

He was named MEPS sportsman of the year for his fishing ethics and skills and was recently featured in a Novel by Vic Foester “Naked in the Stream Isle Royale Stories” relating to his 40 years history of fishing the Isle Royale waters of Lake Superior.

Captain Ken is dedicated to fishing and providing a quality fishing experience.


To better serve the local recreational and fishing community Captain Ken has obtained his USGC ASSISTED TOWING endorsement. No one likes or wants to break down especially when out on the water but if assistance is required contact me on channel 68 or 9 at my handle JIREH (pronounced JY-RA) or call on my cell phone 616-293-1309.


  • Brian McLouth: (Lifelong friend and avid outdoorsman from Grand Rapids) “You were on the fish and knew where and what to do.”
  • Vic Foester: (Author of Naked in the stream Isle Royale Stories.. Vic has fished in many areas throughout Michigan’s upper peninsula) “Captain Ken is a real pro who is dedicated to fishing and works hard”
  • Bob Mull: (retired Ford Motor executive) “Captain Ken runs a very smooth and professional program. My wife and I love walleyes and I am always a big hit when I come home with a nice limit.”


The Jireh* is a 23’ foot hydra sport walk around. A 200 HP Yamaha to get us to the fishing grounds a 9.9 yamaha kicker for the slow troll but our best friend is the wind. We drift most of the time as we rarely move above 1.5MPH. As stated in our home page we want you to enjoy the gift of catching walleye’s, the Jireh is a great fishing vessel and can safely and comfortable accommodate up to 4 fishers. We however enjoy the single, two or three fisher trip.

*The Jireh is a fully inspected fishing vessel. Click image to enlarge.