Charity Island site seeing: Enjoy the un spoiled beauty of the Big Charity Island.
Due to the shallow nature of this beautiful sandy shore line the “JIREH” must anchor just “off shore” , We then wade in the short distance to your choice of a beach site. This Charter is based on a 6hr time frame. We suggest leaving the dock at around 10:00am. This time allows for getting out to the Island , setting up and plenty of time for swimming , kayaking, lounging, eating and or beach combing..
We suggest bringing the following for this trip.
1. A cooler for a shore lunch and refreshments. I can provide this service for a nominal fee.
2. Bathing suite, water shoes and large beach towels.
3. Sun Glasses, camera, sun screen.
4. Beach chair (Optional) I have three.
If you are interested in Kayaking we can furnish a kayak and an approved floatation device.

  • Round Trip: To Charity Island, times negotiated
    $300 (round trip 7am to 3pm)
  • Kayak Rental: For Entire Trip, $75 10am to 4pm
    $300 (round trip 7am to 3pm)